Meet DevLoop – Hyperloop One’s Las Vegas desert test track

Just 30 minutes from the beating heart of Sin City, out in the Nevada desert stands a newly constructed, full-scale Hyperloop test track. Rewind just over 5 months and the patch of desert was mostly sand, but innovation waits for no-one, so the team at Hyperloop One has been busy constructing the new “DevLoop” track to put their design to the test.


Unveiled at Middle East Rail (a transport industry conference/trade show in Dubai), new photos show the DevLoop track looking just about ready for the Hyperloop pods to start zipping through, testing the pod, tube, vacuum, levitation, propulsion and braking systems. The first full test is scheduled in the first half of this year. At 500 metres in length and weighing over a million kilograms, the DevLoop track is a huge engineering feat, though it will only take a matter of seconds for the pod to reach from one end to the other.

Hyperloop One is just one of several companies trying to bring Elon Musk’s dream to reality, but they’re certainly advancing at a rapid pace. The first commercial application of the technology is likely to be seen in the Middle East, connecting major hubs in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Hyperloop One has also presented its technology as a transport solution to meet the needs of a growing population on the Indian subcontinent.

hyperloop track map

Learn more at the Hyperloop One website.

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