No comment (unless you read the article)

What do YouTube, IMDb and news websites have in common? The comments sections are where you’ll find some of the worst people on Earth. The sites are filled with hateful, inflammatory comments and conspiracy theories. In fact, IMDb’s message boards got so bad they decided to shut down the whole thing.

An interesting experiment by Norwegian public broadcaster NRK is putting a barrier between people reading a headline and having a brain fart.

angry youtube comments

Before being allowed to comment on an article, users now have to answer a few multiple-choice questions about the content of the article, to prove that they actually read the whole thing.

NRK says that since introducing the feature, comments on the articles have been mostly positive, with people actually using a civil tone, evidence and constructive criticism rather than the usual keyboard warrior comments that we all love to hate.

Perhaps one day we’ll all be able to wade into the YouTube comments section without needing to take a big breath first.

[Source: NieMan Lab]

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